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Dorm shopping can be priceless, if you know at least some basics of money management. If you are on a shoestring budget and still have to pay for your textbooks, don’t worry: we’ve got some tips in store which will help you save a lot of money and make the most out of college:

  1. Coupons are your best friends. Always check on Bed Bath & Beyond – they have anything in store. You don’t need to live on a shoestring budget anymore as there are hundreds of coupons waiting to be plucked, and honestly, this is some serious economy.
  2. Plan. Before you go to the mall and buy everything because it is your heart’s desire and that stuff on the shelves looks cute, try creating a shopping list. It may sound obvious, but it really helps you stay focused and determined to purchase a set list of items, not a random pair of jeans you just saw on sale!
  3. Communicate. Talk to your roommate before you make any big decisions. You don’t want two microwaves or tables in your room, right? Without communication, you will find yourself arguing over petty issues, like blankets and lamps, and that’s not our aim.
  4. Look online. If you see something that catches your eye in store and you want it for your home immediately, don’t rush. Impulsive buying is one of the reasons we can’t lay our hands on proper financial management. In case the item is in store now, it’s probably online as well, and at much cheaper price. Try eBay or Amazon for a change – they have fantastic offers for students who don’t want to spend cash chaotically.
  5. Check your house. When you think of all the leftover supplies from school you have at your house, you don’t need to buy an extra set of pens and pencils. They are fine as long as you have sufficient funds, but at the moment, we believe you can find the same notebook or folder at home!
  6. Talk to others. Talk to other people who are going to college. What are their plans? Seniors may also be an option as they are willing to share their secrets and hacks on stress-free college life. If communication is not what you are struggling for, look for online discussions.
  7. Find DIY videos. There are lots of those on YouTube and they may seem complicated from the start, but believe us, there is nothing more satisfying than knowing you can finally make it with the decorating. Besides, your roommate may lend you a tip or two to help with the arrangements.
  8. Big sales are awesome. Never heard of a big sale? There are days when all the college stuff goes on sale, and this way, you can save cash and stock up on folders, textbooks, pens and other utensils without having to rush to the nearest store and burn holes in your pockets. It’s time for you to get educated and start shopping smart. There is nothing better than a sale where you can find all the stuff you need for college, and we agree with students, who think it is the only way to live through the hard days!
  9. Set a budget. You will learn how to set a budget after you watch a few tutorials – there is nothing overly complicated about that!
  10. Don’t go to your favorite stores. You know you are going to be broke after you visit one of those. Steer clear and focus on items that you really need for your dorm and studies as it is the best way to save money in college.