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From the first grade at school, we all knew how writing could help us in our life. Confident writing is a skill we should master from an early age in order to facilitate our learning and increase chances of being employed in future. People nowadays think that it takes too much time and effort to become a good writer and produce texts with great quality and efficient content. Well, in fact, everything is much simpler and clearer. You might wonder but there is plenty of useful tips to make your writing more effective. If you want to write interesting and informative texts, here are a few helpful steps for you to consider.

  1. Use a single sentence as a paragraph.

Single sentences grab the attention of a reader and help delve into the meaning of the text. If you encounter a single sentence that makes a whole paragraph, it will be much easier for you to understand the main idea of the extract. This is why we advise you to try adding single sentence paragraph to your piece of writing.

  1. Don’t hesitate to use the word “I” in your sentences.

A lot of people underestimate the importance of using the word “I”. A person may be afraid to reveal his or her personality in the text, and uses impersonal sentences or creates new characters. This is not always wrong, but the word “I” will not be excessive in any case if you use it correctly and rationally. We consider writing the word “I” necessary for any author to establish personal contact with the audience and make the papers more readable.

  1. Transform Generic Claims into Concrete Terms.

If you want to be seen and heard, there is a significant tip for you. When working on the text, try to be clear and concretize the main ideas and issues. For example, you write a selling text by concretizing the main features of products and then have more chances to actually sell your goods. The same goes with other kinds of papers: just turn the generic claims into specific terms.

  1. Avoid using the word “that”.

When you ask a professional writer whether to use “that” in the sentences, you will probably receive an answer of “definitely no”. Obviously, we often need to use this word in order to connect sentences. But, the word “that” usually burdens the extract with unnecessary constructions and may distract or disturb the reader. So whenever you encounter the word “that” in your text, try to avoid it.

  1. A paragraph must include a maximum of three sentences.

As well as a single sentence paragraph, a paragraph that contains up to three sentences helps better grasp the meaning of the text. The readers would manage to read your text more quickly and easily. So, make your paragraphs small to help yourself in making interesting and succinct sentences, and producing valuable content.

  1. Try writing a two or three word sentences.

The last tip we recommend for you is making two- or three-word sentences when preparing papers. This thing is connected with the previous piece of advice, because the smaller your sentences or paragraphs are, the better quality of papers you will gain. Furthermore, if you are concise enough to convey the main idea of a passage, make sure your texts will be noticeable and you will become a proficient writer.