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Have you ever thought about your future dream job, while studying at school or college? Where there any things or events that influenced your career choice? When we are young, we imagine and plan our future lives, depending on our preferences and ideas. And, choosing who you want to be in the near future is one of the most important decisions.

Most people will admit that they love to travel and discover new things, therefore, they would like to combine travel with interesting work. But in case you think it is impossible to find a position that involves traveling, consider these several options.

  1. Flight Attendant

The most popular job that entails traveling is to work as a flight attendant. Flight attendants travel to different countries with other people and give them assistance when they need. Traveling is their actual job, they take care of their passengers’ safety and satisfy their requests during flights. And as a reward, they receive free flights and many discounts.

  1. Retail Buyer

A retail buyer is a right career choice for those loving traveling abroad and shopping. If you work as a retail buyer, you contact fashion designers or companies, and establish business relations, then evaluate and buy the products you like the most. If everything goes smoothly, a retail buyer travels to the corporate headquarters and work for the well-known brands.

  1. Consultant

A position of a consultant requires patience and high efforts. A consultant’s main responsibilities are to visit various business places and solve problems using special expertise. If you want to be a consultant, then get ready for plenty of complicated tasks, unpredictable situations, and significant decisions. The key point about a consultant is that you won’t need to pay for tickets: all your flights will be covered.

  1. Government employee

Although government members are obliged to perform their duties in a specified area, they have to travel a lot to other cities and countries. They cooperate with other civil servants and politicians to keep all public relations under control. If you ever wanted to build a career in politics, then a position of the government employee is for you. You may take part in different educational or social activities, travel around the globe and present your state government.

  1. Foreign correspondent

Working as a foreign correspondent means you have to inform the public of various kinds of news and events, or simply what happens abroad in the real time. A foreign correspondent has the same responsibilities as an average news commentator or journalist but is able to travel a lot. Those opting for such a position apply for a degree in journalism, communications, or broadcasting.

  1. Athletic Recruiter

Another way to travel and work is to apply for a position of an athletic recruiter. These people travel to different countries, watch games or competitions and seek strong and ambitious players. Athletic recruiters help famous sports organizations to hire the best players for their teams.

  1. Artist

One of the most exciting jobs for traveling lovers is an artist. We have all probably heard of a myth that artists receive a low salary and struggle to live a normal life. However, when you clearly know what you like to do and develop your potential skills, then nothing can stop you on your way to success. You can be a dancer, musician, photographer, or a fashion designer, and have an ability to organize tours around Europe or all over the world.