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Actually, the choice of profession is really important thing. From the variety of different occupations people have to pick up one, which is best for them. Namely, the future profession should be in accordance with own preferences, likings, abilities and desires. If you choose the right job, you really achieve a lot in your life.

Nowadays, lots of people prefer doing some interesting jobs to sitting the whole day in office. The understanding that each single day will be practically the same scare the crap out of many people. Is it possible to provide for the living and not to be tied to offices? Absolutely! So, we have prepared 6 career paths for people who hate spending time in offices, doing paper work all day round.

  1. The Arts
    A man cannot live by bread alone. This is a golden saying. So, the profession number one is about doing some kinds of arts. It doesn’t literally mean that you should act on the stage being an actor (but can be of course). Besides it, there are lots of other art-related professions. You won`t be surely bored, as such jobs don`t require sitting at one place. People who work in this sphere usually combine their creative skills, abilities to work in team, huge developed imagination and burning passionate desire to create something really amazing. For all interesting job seekers this option seems to be the best.
  2. Policemen and Firefighters
    Only by hearing these two professions you may thing of danger. Yes, it can be. But, for those who don’t want to be white-collar worker all their life, they are suitable I suppose. Being a policeman, for example, requires not only working with criminals, but doing many public services as well. There is also a demand in communication with people, problem solving and finding logical ways. Interesting, right?
  3. Travel and transportation
    Travelling is becoming extremely poplar now. So, travel and transportation industries required new professionals who have passionate desire to work hard and cherish their career plan. You know travelling is like a book. And, he who doesn’t travel reads just one page. So, if you are working in travel industry your life is actually full of new emotions and events each day. Of course it can also require some paper work and something like this, but each day something new and unusual appears, the same is about new people and pleasant communication.
  4. Science
    "The science of today is the technology of tomorrow". Someone may think that it is too boring and even have something in common with office work. No way! Only imagine, one scientist spent a half of the year with his family exploring any unusual land and then worked on his discovers and succeeded. Isn`t it interesting profession or even hobby we can say? It seems to be a perfect combination of curious profession and great life.
  5. Forestry
    You know the Earth has music for those who listen. If you are a professional in the forestry sphere, you will definitely find that connection with the nature. Only imagine spending almost all day outdoor in the harmony with natural environment. And it is actually the way you are making money. Being tree-hugger and nature lover is now well-paid.
  6. Medicine
    Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity. That`s really true. However, being a doctor is not an easy thing at all. I mean if you are a good one. Medicine is only for those who cannot see themselves doing something else. The Healthcare Service is developing rapidly. So, it requires new professionals. I`m not allowed to say that being a doctor is interesting, but that is really so. You examine patients and learn something new each day. What a great thing is to cure them all! One more thing here to mention is that medical professions don’t actually tie you to one desk and that`s it. You are always in rush being a doctor. Ready?
  7. Gardening
    If you are nature lover and love to spend time outdoor, this may seem a good option for you. Be a green-thumb person, help the nature and provide for the living at the same time.

In any case, the only way to create any good job is to love what to do. The only way to make a good career is to feel passion for the occupation you are involved in. Cherish your dreams and burning career ambitions. Follow your heart. It knows for sure what you want to do.