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For the decades, people have been seeking different methods and ways to improve themselves. We all follow certain objectives, for example, trying to excel in a particular subject area, get high grades, get an effective job, or become a successful employee. This leads to a global search of techniques to gain knowledge, learn and develop potential skills. We suggest you to consider the following four ways to make yourself a better person.

  1. Increase your productivity using the Pomodoro technique.

One of the most interesting ways to improve your productivity fast is a well-known Pomodoro technique. The “Pomodoro” is the name of the tomato-shaped timer, which a person uses to improve his or her productivity and concentration. How does it work?

Firstly, make a task for yourself or perform the one you have received at school or at work. Secondly, set your timer for 25 minutes and start working. Try not to distract on social networks, mail, calls, or any other things. In case you catch yourself red-handed, note the distraction and the time it happened. This will wake you up and help get back to work.

After the countdown timer reaches zero, give yourself a five-minute break. Don’t start working unless your five minutes pass, take the most of your break and relax. Several times is enough for you to feel the difference: you will become a productive person very soon.

  1. Write down everything you learn.

Develop a habit of writing down all the important information you hear or see in your life. Especially if you are attending lectures or taking courses, it is definitely worthy to write every single concept to remember them for long. Or, if you read a book, take notes about the characters, terms or events to deeper understand the meaning of the passage and find some useful conclusions for yourself.

If you write down the things you consider are necessary, you will develop your memory and broaden the mind. In case writing with a pen is boring for you, download a notebook to your laptop or smartphone.

  1. Increase your self-awareness.

Thinking about one’s own capabilities, a person should set a positive attitude to him/herself. Do not neglect this particular thing, since in such situation you must be careful. For example, if you are overconfident and suppose you’re doing all things right, then you have nothing to achieve and your eagerness for self-improvement is low. At the same time, if you criticize your work too much, you will have a lack of confidence. Therefore, if you want to reach success, you should evaluate yourself objectively and sensibly. Moreover, whether you need to know what people think about your appearance and performance, why not ask friends or relatives’ opinions.

  1. Practice speed reading to grasp more information.

Have you ever heard about speed reading? This is one of the most useful things for those wishing to enhance their skills. Just think how many books, articles, and blogs you will be able to read faster by mastering this technique. As you read more, you will grasp more information than you have imagined.

In order to practice speed reading, you have to do the following. While reading a passage, use your finger to control your eyes’ speed and a scan of the page. Then, increase the speed gradually, paragraph by paragraph. To make speed reading even more effective, download a special application, which rapidly flashes one word at a time and helps read more words per minute.