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From Aristotle to Maupassant, we are all hypnotized by the way classic authors treat life. Whenever a book is opened, an answer is found, and though it might not be a universal solution, it is surely the right one. Today, we are going to analyze the reasons people are still attracted to classics (sorry, Twilight):

1. They are up-to-date. Despite popular opinion that contemporary literature is more relevant as it depicts the realities of today, we still tend to think that classics know what they mean, and follow a pattern of illuminating world processes for you. Let’s take historical fiction as an example. You will never learn the ways of politics until you realize that the history repeats itself.
The same could be attributed to science fiction.

Have you ever had that haunting feeling of doom reading sci-fi novels? Writers have their creepy ways of predicting the truth for the whole humanity even modern authors are amazed by, and we do not mention the whole scope of literature available on the topic, so it is okay to consider classics relevant even if there are plenty of other editions, waiting on the shelves.

2.They are full of detail. If you are puzzled by the definition of a good book, we are here to help you out with the terms. It may be hard to get through some dry parts or historical paragraphs once you are reading, but we promise it will get better with time, and you will learn the character’s story as well. Moreover, classics are entertaining, as they give you opportunity to talk to people long gone.

They give you references. We all have ideas that seem to come to us from nowhere, but, to be honest, everything has been said and written before.

To prove the point, we will use a simple example: there are modern movies, based entirely on the plots from the classic literature, and no, directors don’t always know what they are doing. You just have that sensation of something strangely familiar, and the same things happen again and again. Variations are welcome, but they all come from a single source.

3. They stimulate you mentally. It is hard to live without television shows these days, and truth be told, they are pretty good, especially if we think of undying classics such as Lost.

But there is also a way to stimulate oneself intellectually, and that is to read classics on a regular basis. Later, when you are in the middle of another show that catches your attention with unexpected plot details and character lines, you will be able to distinguish between good and bad and determine the main idea better.

4. They provide you with vocabulary blocks. When you read Shakespeare, it is hard to understand the metaphorical language of the Bard, and some passages in Old English are simply too complicated to follow.

However, if you read enough classics and gobble up books every day, you will soon understand the linguistic nuances and epithets that seemed incomprehensible at first, so it is high time you go to the book store and start today! Moreover, literature gives you enough time to sit on your own and analyze the plot of the story, which is always relevant. It does not only give you the setting, but provides you with the right connotation.

5. They are a source of inspiration. More often than not, classics turn out to be a huge inspiration for travelers, who otherwise would not venture out of their small towns, except maybe to visit nearby states or flee to the Mexican borders. In this context, you can feel like Christopher Columbus or any other famous discoverer, who decided to broaden personal horizons and see the world.