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In today’s modern world, we all face an increase in the number of important issues surrounding our lives. The era of new technologies, climate changes, political and social problems – all these things determine and change our ways of life. One of the most significant issues concerns the upbringing and development of our kids. The children today encounter many obstacles and things, and in most cases do not know how to proceed. Our task is to teach our children how to deal with any kind of problems. In the list below, you will find most popular issues that face our youth today.

  1. Single-Parent Families

It is truly important to educate our children in a proper way in order to keep them from potential dangers or troubles. However, plenty of people stuck in vigorous economic conditions and have difficulty providing for their families. When it comes to single parent families, the situation looks even more tragic. Single parents cannot afford good education to their kids and spend much time away from home, leaving them alone. Children become more vulnerable to drug and alcohol abuse, unexpected pregnancies, crime, etc.

  1. Drug and Alcohol Misuse

For many decades, people have been popularizing the use of alcohol, cigarettes or drugs through media communication. Children have a desire to try everything new, so it is not surprising that they are prone to drug and alcohol abuse. Also, the people surrounding our kids make an impact on their minds and may force them to do such socially unacceptable things.

  1. Violence in Schools

Schools or any other educational institutions play a major role in helping our children live lives and survive in the society. If a child obtains an effective education and develops vital skills, he or she will be able to deal with lots of things. Unfortunately, there are many schools in various countries, where violence is widely spread. It is known that in the last decade up to 300 kids were murdered in schools, or faced shootings, fighting, or suicide.

  1. Obesity

The state of being obese is definitely nasty and annoying for both young people and adults. Fat people feel the lack of confidence and strength, and as a result might have problems in schools or at work. Overweight kids may receive in their side tons of offensive words from their peers or even get into trouble. Obesity leads to high blood pressure, depression, heart diseases, breathing problems, and some cancers. We all need to stay alert when it comes to such an important problem and make all possible to avoid it.

  1. Materialism

We live now in the era of materialism and focus on saving money or buying different goods. From an early age, parents make children shape their minds according to the rules of society, which do not always seem right. Parents are used to teaching their kids that the key to success lies in the amount of money or number of goods they own. This may form the society of arrogant misers and ruin the lives of many young people.

  1. Poverty

Poverty is one of the worst consequences of materialism. In pursuit of success and material means, people forget about the real life and most important things to support normal life activity. Many families today experience the effects from poverty, and nearly 20% of all children in the world are considered to be poor. Parents who live in poverty, cannot afford education for their kids, and in the end, it may lead to serious social problems.